Restore Independence from Diminished Hearing and Vision


Restore Independence from Diminished Hearing and Vision

As a person gets older their hearing and vision may start to weaken. It is a common occurrence among seniors, and it does not make life easy, particularly if that person has always been independent. Diminished hearing and vision could tug at pride and may be quite depressing. Seniors may try to deny that their hearing or vision is not as sharp as it once was. The good news is that KC Home Medical Supply has several products to help seniors with their diminishing senses but still allows them to maintain their cherished independence. Here are four products to consider if the senior in your life is having trouble seeing or hearing clearly.

Bottle Magnifier

Medicine bottles have a lot of information that the consumer needs to know. Unfortunately, those bottles are also tiny, so the crucial instructions and warnings are printed in such a small font that even people with perfect vision may have difficulty making out the words. If people with perfect vision have difficulty reading the bottles, imagine how it would feel for someone with diminished vision to try to read directions on a bottle of aspirin or other needed medications! Bottle magnifiers aid these frustrating situations. The magnifier clips to most standard bottles and will enlarge the print to three times the size. This will provide seniors a little more independence because they won’t have to ask for someone else to read bottle directions. The magnifier is lightweight and has retractable arms for easy storage on a night table or pen holder.

Syringe Magnifier

Living with diabetes is difficult by itself, so when you add having difficulty reading the small print on an insulin syringe, it can create a new problem. Measuring and injecting insulin is an exact process that requires the correct dosage to be effective and safe. Measuring and intaking too little or too much insulin could lead to severe medical problems. In these cases, a syringe magnifier will help. The print on the syringe is magnified 1.7 times, making it easier to see, fill, and inject insulin. The syringe magnifier is also designed to snap simply onto insulin bottles; this is helpful for seniors that have difficulty grasping objects.

Jitterbug 5

Many seniors enjoy the benefit of owning their own cell phones. They can carry it with them and use it in case of emergencies. Unfortunately, they face drawbacks with a standard cell phone: keys can be difficult to read and the speaker can be difficult to hear out of. The Jitterbug 5 is a cell phone that features a backlit keyboard so the user does not have to struggle to find the right key when dialing, and a powerful speaker that makes it easier to hear the other end of the line. It also has easy-to-use navigation buttons, a camera for photo sharing, and even a calling plan that matches today’s seniors’ lifestyle. The calling plans offer unlimited access to nurses and board-certified doctors, which is helpful for seniors with severe medical problems or who suffer a bad fall. With the Jitterbug 5, they can always reach help within arm’s reach.

Serene CL-60PC Amplified Phone with Answering Machine

This all-in-one phone features large, easy-to-see, backlit buttons, making it easy for seniors who have difficulty seeing. It’s a cordless handset that can amplify sounds up to 50+ decibels and has a visual ringer for the hard of hearing. Seniors with hearing aids or cochlear implants can use the compatible output jack that fits easily around the neck, making important phone calls easier to hear.

Getting older does not mean having to lose independence. Seniors who struggle with diminished hearing and sight do not have to suffer in silence, but rather can take advantage of and utilize specially-made tools to live and communicate freely. For more information on any of these products or other KC Home Medical Supply services, contact us today.

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