There are a variety of medical conditions that can result in chronic pain and reduced mobility in an individual. Whether it is due to a medical condition or simply the aging process, these situations force individuals to institute a variety of measures to limit the discomfort or pain caused. There is a wide range of medical equipment available today that has been designed specially to cater to the medical needs of the senior citizen or others with limited mobility and chronic pain. For example, shower chairs can help improve shower and bathroom safety, in addition to limiting discomfort for many individuals.

As a leading medical equipment supplier with two locations in Kansas City, Kansas City Home Medical Supply offers a wide range of medical equipment including a variety of types of shower chairs. We supply products directly to individuals as well as to nursing homes, hospitals, home care agencies, and other such medical institutions.

Shower chairs are one of our most popular products, and these products have helped many of our clients experience a better standard of living. All of the medical equipment that we offer is sourced from the finest and most reputable brands in the medical industry. Visit either of our Kansas City showrooms today to see our complete selection of products available.

How Can Shower Chairs Help?

Shower chairs are designed to help individuals who are suffering from weakness of the limbs or limited mobility to take showers without the risk of falling or further exacerbating their respective medical conditions. The shower chairs that we sell are durable and are typically made from aluminum or plastic. These materials are ideal because they do not deteriorate or rust when exposed to moisture. Individuals can choose from a variety of shower chairs based on their weight and height, as well as the dimensions of their showers. Generally, shower chairs are adjustable to heights up to 21 inches and can accommodate a maximum weight that between 200 and 600 lbs, depending on the chair.

Bathroom Shower chairs in Kansas City, Overland Park & Lee’s Summit are typically used for patients suffering from the following conditions:

  • After Surgery/ Post Op – After an individual has undergone a serious operation, they will usually be required to undergo special care and post op treatment for a period of time before they can return to their routines. Shower chairs are extremely useful in these cases as they afford comfort and convenience, allowing individuals to avoid exertion when showering.
  • Arthritis – In many cases, arthritis is a chronic condition, and an individual who suffers from arthritis may never return to a state of full mobility. In these cases, shower chairs can be used to help individuals bathe comfortably, without causing discomfort or further damage.
  • Knee/Hip Replacement – Knee and hip replacement surgeries are becoming increasingly more common among senior citizens. After these operations, patients will be required to rest these joints for prolonged periods. Such individuals will find that shower chairs offer increased convenience and ease while helping prevent falls in the shower.
  • Multiple Sclerosis – Multiple sclerosis is a condition that affects the muscular, nervous, and even respiratory systems. Individuals suffering from this condition typically experience weakness and limited mobility. For such individuals, shower chairs are an important fixture in the bathroom.

Shower chairs can also be extremely useful for seniors who have limited mobility and general weakness as well as patients who have recently undergone back surgeries.

Contact Kansas City Home Medical Supply for Shower Chairs and Other Related Products

At Kansas City Home Medical Supply, we source our shower chairs from the most reputed brands in the market including:

  • Invacare
  • Drive Medical
  • Carex
  • Medline
  • Guardian

If you are suffering from a debilitating medical condition or are in need of reliable medical equipment including shower chairs, call us today or visit one of our Kansas City, Overland Park and Lee’s Summit area showrooms.