If you require grab bars for your shower, bathtub, or just to step up from the garage to the house, you can choose the styles that are perfect for your needs from our wide array of medical equipment supplies. Kansas City Home Medical Supply offers a wide selection of high quality grab bars. Our grab bars meet or exceed ADA standards and can easily be fitted to a wall stud or to most normal wall surfaces. If you need assistance installing grab bars our staff can arrange for professional installation assuring for appropriate placement and secure attachment for your protection.

Why Do You Need Grab Bars?

Grab bars are made available for your safety. They provide the necessary support while getting in or out of the bathtub or the shower and going up stairs, minimizing the risk of falling. Grab bars can be put up in a number of locations, depending on your needs and the space available. They are available in a wide range of sizes and finishes.

At Kansas City Home Medical Supply, we supply a full selection of grab bars from many manufacturers. With our complete offerings, you have more choice than any other retail outlet.

Size and Location of Grab Bars

With a wide variety of sizes and types available, you can install grab bars at multiple locations inside your bathroom. Some common types of grab bars include:

  • Vertical bars at the tub or shower entrance: Grab bars at the shower or tub entrance assure that you have a safe support to hold on to when you climb over the shower step or tub wall. Generally, a vertical bar measuring between 12 and 16 inches in length is preferred to a horizontal bar as it is simpler for those suffering from arthritis to grasp. According to specialists, the bar should not exceed nine inches from the edge of the outside wall of the tub. The grab bar should be about 32 to 36 inches above the floor.
  • Angled bars on a shower wall or long tub: These are usually recommended to prevent slipping and falling in the shower or tub. Angled grab bars range between 24 and 36 inches in length and are typically set up at a 45 degree angle starting about nine inches above the rim of the tub. They provide a handhold when you get into the tub using a bench or a chair. They are also very useful when you are sitting in a shower or bath and wish to move to a semi-standing position.
  • Lower grab bars: Lower grab bars are installed nine to 11 inches above the rim of the tub. You can use these as a hand support to pull yourself up from the floor of the bathtub. It is also helpful in transferring onto or from a wheelchair using a bathtub transfer bench. You can also use lower grab bars to get up from a seated to standing position when you use a bath chair.
  • Higher grab bars: Higher grab bars are installed 33 to 36 inches above the floor. This position provides a handgrip for support while you stand in the shower. You can also use the higher grab bar to get up or sit down while using the bath chair.
  • Horizontal bars: Horizontal bars range from 16 to 32 inches in length and are installed on the long wall of your bathtub. They help provide stability in the bath or shower and can assist with raising or lowering oneself using shower chairs.

When you are choosing the best positioning for your bathroom grab bars, it is best to consult your therapist or professional installer to know the correct position for installation. You can also speak with the experts at Kansas City Home Medical Supply.

Choosing the Right Color and Texture of Grab Bars

In addition to the different styles, grab bars are sold in a wide range of metal finishes or colors, including knurled texture and satin or polished stainless steel. Some grab bars offer a more sophisticated look while others offer better grip with wet hands. These are important things to consider when choosing the best bars.

Professional Installation Available

Professional installation available.

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