Whenever an individual suffers from limited mobility, whether permanent or temporary, it can be difficult to deal with the physical and emotional struggles. However, the many varieties of medical equipment available today offer some saving grace in these cases. This kind of equipment can help improve an individual’s mobility and allow them to move about more easily. Types of mobility equipment include the electric wheelchair as well as walkers, and wheelchairs. While many individuals can get sufficient help from a regular wheelchair, the electric wheelchair is specially designed for patients who struggle from a range of medical conditions that limit the use of their entire bodies.

With two showrooms located in the Kansas City area, Kansas City Home Medical Supply is a medical equipment vendor selling medical products designed for senior citizens and other individuals who suffer from reduced mobility either temporarily or permanently. We sell and rent electric wheelchairs and other medical equipment to individuals for personal use, as well as to nursing homes, retirement homes,  , and other such medical institutions. Our products are sourced from the most well known brands in the market and are highly reliable.

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Choosing the Best Electric Wheelchair

An electric wheelchair, also referred to as a power wheelchair, comes in a variety of different configurations depending on the custom needs of the individual or patient. One of the features commonly found in a high-end electric wheelchair is the capacity to raise the height of both the seat on which the patient is seated, as well as the footrest. This allows for the most customization. Additionally, because weight limits and adjustment capacities vary by model, an electric wheelchair must be chosen keeping in mind an individual’s weight and height.

While they can be extremely helpful and liberating for many, electric wheelchairs are complex pieces of machinery that require users to manipulate small joysticks in order to move and maneuver themselves. Therefore, it follows that a patient using an electric wheelchair must have sound vision and good hand-eye coordination. Electric wheelchair models may come with a center wheel drive or front/rear wheel drive. When choosing between these models, one should consider the environment in which the patient will be using the wheelchair as well as several other factors.

How Can an Electric Wheelchair Help?

An electric wheelchair is ideal for individuals with the following diagnoses:

  • Hip Replacement – Individuals who have undergone hip replacement surgeries will be required to limit movement of their bodies for a significant period following the operation. An electric wheelchair will allow patients to go about their routines, despite their hindered mobility.
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis/ Osteoarthritis – Both of these conditions can be extremely painful, and in many cases chronic in nature. Such medical conditions may be treated to control the intensity, but never fully cured. In such cases, the electric wheelchair may become a patient’s most faithful companion, allowing them move from place to place with ease and comfort despite their condition.
  • Multiple Sclerosis – This is a hugely debilitating condition that typically attacks the muscular and nervous system as well as affecting breathing. Patients with this diagnosis will experience weakness and pain resulting in limited mobility. The electric wheelchair is therefore ideal for patients with this condition.
  • Cancer/ Weakness – Individuals suffering from cancer and those undergoing cancer treatment will typically suffer from fatigue and weakness. They may not have the energy to move from place to place without the help of an electric wheelchair.
  • Amputees – Individuals who have lost one or more of their lower limbs may find the electric wheelchair to be a huge benefit in their lives. Moreover, some individuals may have even lost mobility in their upper bodies disallowing them from using conventional wheelchairs. The electric wheelchair can help solve this problem.
  • Obesity – Obesity is a medical condition that is plaguing the American public. The condition can become so debilitating that over-exertion or uncontrolled exertion can lead to the cardiac arrest or strokes. An electric wheelchair can be a huge help for such individuals.
  • Guillan Barre Syndrome – GBS is a disorder that acutely affects the central nervous system causing weakness and dysfunction typically beginning in the legs. If the condition is not treated, it could become exacerbated and begin to affect an individual’s respiratory system as well. An electric wheelchair may be necessary for such individuals.
  • Stroke – Following a stroke, individuals may have limited mobility, which can make walking difficult. An electric wheelchair will improve mobility by allowing an individual to safely return to their routine.

Find The Finest Electric Wheelchair Brands at Kansas City Home Medical Supply

At Kansas City Home Medical Supply, we make it a point to stock products made by the most reliable manufacturers in the market. The brands of electric wheelchair products we stock include:

  • Invacare
  • Drive Medical
  • Golden Technology
  • Pride Medical

If you are a victim of a condition that limits your mobility, an electric wheelchair may be the perfect solution for you. Visit one of our Kansas City showrooms today to learn more about the models of electric wheelchairs that we have available for purchase or rental.