Compression stockings are specially designed hosiery items that are used extensively to prevent and provide relief from a wide range of venous and other medical disorders. Compression stockings are a necessity for those suffering from edemas, thrombosis, and phlebitis. Wearing them for long periods of time helps reduce venous pressure and edema thereby relieves severe discomfort and pain in the legs. Left untreated surgical intervention like Schlerotherapy.

Compression stockings are highly elastic hosiery garments that provide pressure and compress the limbs. It is important to buy superior quality compression stockings as this ensures that they are able to offer the required amount of pressure for a long time.

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When Should You Use Compression Stockings?

Compression stockings are made with much stronger elastic materials than conventional stockings and socks in order to provide pressure on the feet, legs, ankles, thighs, and knees. Therefore, compression stockings can provide support and relief from a variety of medical conditions and can help prevent more severe diseases of the veins from occurring. Here is a list of just some of the conditions for which compression stockings are therapeutic:

  • Swollen feet
  • Swollen ankles
  • Aching and tired legs
  • Leg fatigue
  • Lymphedema
  • Obesity
  • Spider veins
  • Varicose veins
  • Pregnancy
  • Sclerotherapy
  • Chronic venous insufficiency
  • Deep vein thrombosis
  • Phlebitis
  • Lipodermatosclerosis
  • Diabetes
  • Economy class syndrome or ECS

Types of Compression Stockings

There are two main types of compression stocking available. These are:

  • Gradient Compression Stockings – These stockings are specifically designed to improve the functioning of leg vein valves that are not working properly. They ensure that maximum pressure is applied on the ankles and the pressure decreases gradually to the top of the stockings assisting upward blood flow. Gradient compression stockings are best used to treat and prevent blood pooling in the lower limbs and feet, lower limb edema, excessive swelling, and blood clots.
  • Anti-Embolism Compression Stockings – Also known as Thrombo-embolism-deterrent hose, or TED hose, the pressure provided by these stockings along with the pumping action of the calf muscles improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage in the legs. These stockings are best used to regulate and improve lymphatic and venous drainage in the legs.

Benefits of Compression Stockings

Compression stockings are extremely beneficial to the elderly, overweight individuals, and athletes as it improves venous performance in the legs. These stockings are a must for those suffering from various venous conditions of the legs as they help relieve symptoms and prevent many conditions from aggravating. For example:

  • Compression stockings prevent swelling of the legs
  • They aid in the pumping action of the calf muscles which is why they are used by runners
  • They keep the legs warm and protected
  • They also help relieve tiredness, aching, and fatigue of the legs

Buy Compression Stockings in Kansas City Today!

For compression stockings to be truly effective, they must be of the right size for the patient and must be fitted properly to each individual. This is why you need to buy your compression stockings from suppliers that have years of experience in providing well-fitting compression stockings. We, at Kansas City Home Medical Supply, make sure that stockings are sized correctly to offer the right amount of pressure and compression to the patient’s legs. We also offer various colors and stocking types including thigh-high, knee-high, and pantyhose. We stock many popular brands such as:

  • TheraFirm
  • Corespun
  • Knit-Rite
  • TED
  • Jobst

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