Handling Incontinence Care for People with Dementia

Handling Incontinence Care for People with Dementia

Handling Incontinence Care for People with Dementia

Dementia is a debilitating condition that can affect just about anyone. As dementia progress in a person, they begin to lose their ability to react quickly. Their memory declines, and they begin to have problems with communication, mobility, and recognizing things that were once familiar. People with the condition also begin to have incontinence problems. With the deterioration of the mind, they sometimes do not realize when their bladder or bowel is full, nor do they have complete control to empty them. Also, those with dementia sometimes even do not remember the purpose or recognize a bathroom. People with dementia can experience mild leaking to full urine or fecal incontinence.

Incontinence issues can be uncomfortable and leave a person feeling humiliated. Special products can be used to help individuals manage the presentation of themselves and keep the problem hidden from others, which can help keep one feeling at least a little better mentally, despite the draining condition. Look for these products to help your loved ones stay clean and keep problems contained.

Briefs Underwear

Briefs provide maximum protection against the incontinence of urine and bowels. They can be used at night and during the day. The brief underwear is a comfortable choice thanks to the curved leg elastics and soft-cushioned, yet strongly absorbent, material. The material is gentle on the skin but provides great protection. Both men and women can wear briefs underwear.

Tab Briefs

Tab briefs are excellent for overnight and travel use. Many men and women with incontinence issues prefer to use tab briefs at night and use their briefs underwear for daily activities. The tabs on each side make it easy to be fastened and removed, making them easily accessible for long activities like car rides during road trips.

Incontinence Pads and Liners

For men and women who are active throughout the day and only deal with light to medium leakage, a simple pad might be perfect for their problems. The pads and liners are small enough to not draw attention, but still thick and strong enough to provide protection against incontinence accidents. There are also super-absorbent pads that work for both men and women at night when bodily functions rest and may be more difficult to control.


For those who move around a lot during the night in bed, underpads work well to help protect the skin and mattress from constant rubbing and friction between damp fabric and supple skin. The underpads are made with soft, non-woven top layers for keeping fluids away from the skin, that could ultimately cause discomfort and skin breakdown.

Incontinence issues may not be spoken of too often, given its awkward, embarrassing nature, but it is an important issue to discuss with your loved ones. Face can be saved and crisis can be averted with the right products and supplies. To learn more about our top-quality products for those with incontinence issues, contact us today!

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