How to Safely Take Your Medication on Time

How to Safely Take Your Medication on Time

If your doctor prescribes medication for a long-term medical condition, it's important that you take your medication exactly as directed. Skipping a dose, waiting too long between doses, or taking your doses too frequently don’t allow the medication to work as intended and can all lead to serious medical issues. If you forget a dose, your symptoms might flare up, or your condition might take a turn for the worse. If you take a second dose too close to...

Essential Home Safety Tips for Dressing Wounds

Essential Home Safety Tips for Dressing Wounds

Proper in-home care with safe treatment procedures and dressing wounds are essential to ensure that wounds heal better and infections do not occur. Proper wound dressing is a serious matter; precautions must be made to reduce risks of further health complications. Wash Your Hands Being a good in-home caretaker starts with maintaining personal cleanliness. Before you dress or care for any wound, you must make sure your hands, forearms, and any body part that will be around the wound site are properly cleaned. Simply...

Creating a Safe Bathing Environment

Creating a Safe Bathing Environment

When taking care of our own personal hygiene, we don't typically give much thought to each step of the process. However, if an individual is dependent on a caregiver to provide or oversee proper bathing, there are many things to consider such as safety, exposure to bacteria, skin health, wound care, and overall cleanliness. Kansas City Home Medical Supply offers tools and accessories to better ensure your home bathing procedures and environment are safe. A safe setting should be your top priority...

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