Medical Trapezes for Home, Non-Hospital Style Beds

Medical Trapezes for Home, Non-Hospital Style Beds

Medical Trapezes for Home, Non-Hospital Style Beds

The trapeze, also known as an overhead trapeze or medical trapeze, is versatile medical equipment that is essential for those with limited mobility due to old age, disability, or illness that confines them to a bed. It is recommended for bedridden patients to change positions and shift weight occasionally to prevent aches and bed sores. A medical trapeze makes this task much easier. However, trapezes come in many sizes and forms, so it is important to understand the benefits and differences of each.

Trapezes for Hospital Beds

For hospital beds, many different types of trapezes can be selected to install, although, the bed-mounted trapeze is more often used. Depending on the hospital bed, you may have to select a trapeze that is compatible with that specific series. The bed-mounted trapeze is usually directly attached to the bed, headboard, or the frame of the bed. A stand may also be used for some bed-mounted trapezes for conveniently moving the trapeze between rooms or away from the bed when not in use. In addition to stands, these trapezes can also include wall bumpers and padded mounting brackets to ensure that the walls and bed ends are protected. No matter, hospital beds’ trapezes are sturdy, provide maximum support, and yet are rather flexible to your needs.

Trapezes for Non-Hospital Beds

In most homes, you will likely have normal, non-hospital beds, so finding a versatile, light-weight trapeze is crucial to fit your bed properly upon hospital discharge. Free-standing trapezes or ceiling-mounted trapezes are great options for you.

Free-standing trapezes make for more smooth movement when moving patients around from different rooms or just different positions. They are also very durable, easy to adjust, and can safely support plenty of weight.

Ceiling-mounted medical trapezes should be installed by a professional to ensure they are able to be used safely. These types of trapezes are sometimes preferred by many non-hospital bed owners, as they do not require the bed to be moved away from the wall, and take up less space in the bedroom. They can also be slid away from the patient’s view when not in use.

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