Benefits of Bed Accessories in Home-Based Patient Care

Benefits of Bed Accessories in Home-Based Patient Care

Benefits of Bed Accessories in Home-Based Patient Care

Home-based patient care is markedly different than hospital-based or healthcare facility-based medical care. In a healthcare facility, there are usually extra personnel on hand to assist patients and other staff, making it easy to offer optimal care. Furthermore, there are plenty of specialized equipment in hospitals that help caregivers assist patients.

Care of a patient at home usually involves a single caregiver; there are usually no extra personnel to assist him or her. As such, home-based patient care can become challenging for both the patient and caregiver. However, these bed accessories are available to ease the burden of meeting the needs of a patient at home.


Patients often face bed sores when bed bound. It is recommended that patients are repositioned every two hours to prevent risks of developing this complication. With a trapeze attached to the head of the bed, patients can self-reposition with or without assistance from the caregiver. The trapeze also helps the caregiver, because patients can assist in holding and moving their own body weight during bed baths or when sheets are changed.

Eggcrate Bed Pad

This pad is an overlay placed on the patient’s bed, so the patient is not in contact with the hard mattress constantly. This serves to reduce pressure on the patient’s skin, especially in areas prone to skin breakdown. These pads also minimize the risk of bed sores.

Overbed Table

The overbed table is positioned over the patient’s bed for feeding and for any other tasks the patient may wish to perform. This eases the burden on the caregiver of having to get the patient out of bed during mealtimes.

Bed Rails

These are attached securely to the sides of the patient’s bed. With bed rails, both the patient and caregiver can rest assured knowing there is no risk of the patient rolling about and accidentally falling out of the bed.

At KC Home Medical Supply, we supply bed accessories that make taking care of your patients and loved ones easier. We offer different kinds of tools and products to accommodate a wide array of home-based care needs. For more information, contact us today.

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